The Grilleria


The Grilleria is the name of our outdoor kitchen.  This has been a long project and is not quite finished yet.  We will post pictures soon. 




We're adding a Spice Shack to store spices (of course), smoking woods, charcoal, lump coal, pans, utensils, BBQ tools, etc.  The Spice Shack started out as an industrial Chlorine Scrubber.  The chlorine has been removed and its been cleaned out.  It will get a new coat of paint and lots of shelves.  But first, we have to fill all the holes in the walls and put solar 12 volt red lights inside.  The Spice Shack is made of fiber glass and measures approx. 6 x 8 feet.  

The Spice Shack started life as an industrial Chlorine Scrubber.

Building the movable wooden base.

Separating shack from tanks and putting on flatbed for transport.

Moving shack from flatbed to wooden base.

Almost positioned correctly.

Lots of boxes to remove and lots of holes to fill.

This is the Grilleria area with the Spice Shack just behind it.