Information and Site Rules

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         Star parties are usually scheduled for the Saturday nights closest to the new Moon. Depending on the weather, some star parties are rescheduled.  E-mail (please put “star party” in e-mail subject line) at least 3 days in advance to make sure that date has not been cancelled or to find out about other dates. When you confirm the date for the star party, we will let you know if there is going to be a Star-B-Que that night.  If you would like to come for a private party, special event, meteor shower, comet, asteroid, planet party, etc., e-mail.

     Star parties are for fun, camaraderie, and knowledge. A star party is a get together where people come to enjoy the wonders and beauty of the night sky. Including stars, double stars, planets, moons, satellites, meteors, asteroids, comets, nebulae, globular clusters, galaxies, open clusters, quasars, etc. You can bring your own telescope and/or binoculars or look through ours. Star parties are basically informal and unstructured. Feel free to wander around and talk to people about their telescopes and equipment. Most everyone is happy to let you look through their scope and share information about the object they are studying. You need to be here at least an hour before dark.

     A limited number of telescope piers will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

     There’s plenty of room for camping and picnics with a restroom on site. No open flames. We usually have plenty of water and soft drinks, but just in case of an unforeseen situation, bring your own.  Warm clothes are necessary in the evening. Even if the day was warm, it usually gets cold here at night.

     Bring your own flashlights. Red lenses help keep your eyes dark adapted. If you don’t have a red lens, we usually have extra red tail light tape on hand. Please keep all flashlights pointed down.

     Children must be supervised at ALL times and kept within the cleared areas on the telescope field or around the observatory. You are responsible if your children damage expensive telescopes or equipment. Children will be kept off of all farm equipment including tractors.  Children are not allowed to climb rocks or steep hills where they can get hurt. Children with flashlights must point them down at all times. Please keep your children with you every minute.

     In the high desert, there are many wild animals, including snakes, coyotes, mountain lions, bob cats, wild dogs, rabbits, hawks, quail, raccoons, bats, possums, lizards, skunks, rodents, etc. Do not try to catch or touch any animals.

     If you bring any pets, they must stay inside your vehicle at all times.

     No hunting, rock collecting, hiking or rock climbing is allowed on the property.

     Due to extreme fire danger, smoking is only allowed on the cleared areas or inside your vehicle. No smoking inside the observatory, restroom or bunk house. Please put cigarette butts and litter in trash cans provided on site. 

     Astronomy club members are welcome to come out any day or night of the week.

     Star parties are by invitation only.  This property is not open to the public.  If you would like to come out and do not have an invitation, e-mail us and we'll get acquainted.