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Some of the new tables for the telescope field 2006.

A lot more snow in March 2006.

On November 21st, 2004, we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. Thunder, lightning and 5 inches of snow.

The mountain spring behind the dome started running again in January 2005.

Lots of rain in January 2005 started Wilson Creek running again and washed out the road to the observatory.

Removing the 2 inch thick cork from inside the cylinder base. It was glued on with tar and covered with canvas.

One or two horizon covers can be used to block light and wind. The hatch will slide down and seal to the top cover.

Looking at the observatory and view from the upper observing/camping pad. The elevation of the observatory is 2800 feet.

Area behind dome to set up telescopes or relax in the binochair.

16 inch Dob on small pad in front of dome. Future site for a pier.

Looking at observatory area.

Telescope field and star-b-que area.

Upper pad for camping and setting up scopes.

Lower pad for camping and setting up scopes.

One of the parking areas.