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This is the base of the pier that was set in the cement of the observatory foundation.  The steel pipe is 6 inches in diameter and 48 inches high.  The flange is 11 inches.  The rim was from a large truck.  It was set in the ground and leveled. 

Pier base in foundation ready for cement.  The top of the flange was covered with duct tape to keep the cement out of the bolt holes.


A flange was welded onto the bottom of the pier and leveled.  The bolts fit perfectly into the flange of the pier base in the cement.  Preparing the top of the pier for the flange.

Here, on the top of the pier, the flange is welded on perfectly level.  The top weld is ground smooth.

The telescope is bolted to the plate which is bolted to the flange on the pier.  

The pier is taken to the machine shop to drill the holes for the power.

The pier is now ready for sand blasting and paint preparation.

The 120v outlet and 2 of the 3 12v outlets are installed.  Looking down into the pier at the wiring.  There is conduit going from the pier base under the cement to run the power into the dome from outside. 

Stainless steel bolts hold the pier onto the base.  The pier is painted with satin black industrial paint. It's 45 inches tall. 

An aluminum pier plate has been machined to replace the old steel plate.

The aluminum plate is made to fit the original Celestron telescope bolts.